Poche It Real Good

Here Are Some Supremely Italian Swim Trunks

Maybe not today.

Maybe not tomorrow.

But one day very soon, it’s easy to imagine you’ll be looking down at your sunlit thighs and saying: “Oh, these? Thanks, yeah, they’re Italian. You can’t really find anything like them around here.”

And we’re almost positive you’ll be talking about your new swim trunks, not your thighs...

Presuming the former sounds good, meet Poche Plage—it’s an under-the-radar line of Italian trunks from a former cohort of the Versace empire, now available online.

Here’s what you do. You look outside at the rain. You feel the humidity. You... recognize that weather is temporary, but poolside is forever.

So you visit your trusty friend the Internet. You peruse an online gallery of boldly colored trunks with a lively contrasting pattern on the back pocket. Trunks that fulfill their way-Italian destiny—meaning, yep, the designer once spent years collaborating with the house of Versace, and yep, they’re pretty short. But not even approaching full Speedo territory.

More like Jude-Law-in-Talented-Mr.-Ripley territory.

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