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Movies on Your Phone, Minus the Squinting

None The magnifying glass. A simple device, really.

Still, think of all it can help you do: read fine print, look for fingerprints, show ants who’s boss.

And now: help you watch The Wolf of Wall Street on your phone without all that bothersome squinting...

Behold: Mini Cinema for iPhone 5, a portable screen and sound amplifier, available now.

Basically, this is a silicone box that has a Fresnel lens (a flat magnifying lens) on one side and a mount for your phone on the other. All with a shape that’s designed to amplify the sound. Nothing too high-tech there. It doesn’t even need a battery.

It’s easy to see where this could come in handy. On a camping trip. On a flight. On the beach. We could even see this being useful on a date night, when you and your partner want to discreetly watch something on a screen that’s big enough to be seen by two people—and two people only.

You don’t want just anyone knowing you love Scandal.

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