Mingle All the Way

An App for Talking to Beautiful Strangers

None Walk with us as we journey to a special place.

A grassy-knolled hamlet where everyone lives in harmony and sends each other delightful little messages all day long.

Assuming they find each other attractive, of course...

Welcome to the town of Mingleton. It’s not actually a town, though. It’s an app that finds strangers in your immediate vicinity for the purposes of becoming not-strangers anymore, and it’s available now for iPhone.

This is sort of like Tinder, except it only finds people within shouting distance of you. You’ll download the app and connect it to your Facebook, and whenever you’re about 55 yards from another user, you’re both notified. Which is sort of great.

And, right. Since this is brand-new, it may take a little time before people start popping up all over your screen. But eventually, you’ll be on a train. Or in a park. And you’ll see someone who looks lovely, intelligent and like they might own an iPhone.

You’ll call upon the app and see that they’re a user. Then you’ll hit the “Mingle” button. If they confirm that the interest is mutual, head over and introduce yourself.

And if not...

Maybe put your phone away. Walk up to someone attractive. Say hello. Make small talk.

It’s just crazy enough to work.

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