The 404 Hotel

Get Out of Dodge

Leisuring in an Old Nashville Mechanic’s Shop

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Today is 4/04.

Atlanta’s area code is 404.

This hotel’s address is 404.

It’s like the universe is trying to tell you something...

That something: get in your car, point it toward Nashville and park it at The 404 Hotel, a new leisure chamber a mere road trip away that basically has no staff because of science, taking reservations now.

It works like this: book one of the five suites online. You’ll get a code. Then, when you arrive at this little slice of glory that used to be a mechanic’s shop, just let yourself into your room. You don’t have to talk to anyone or anything.

It’s like coming home, if your home had gold faucets, a minibar stocked with Nashville beer and mohair swivel chairs everywhere.

And it’s attached to a once shipping container that’s now a James Beard–nominated restaurant. So, yes, reservations are hard to come by. If you’re with someone you’d refer to as a “weekend date,” tell the hostess you’re staying next door, and she’ll get you a table, no questions asked.

But if it’s a group thing, just rent the entire place out and go nuts. Leave doors open. Play dominoes in the lounge. Walk around in Turkish robes.

Great robe country, Turkey.


The 404 Hotel
404 12th Ave S
Nashville, TN, 37203


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