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Dim Sum near Millennium Park

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The Food Buddha is wise.

The Food Buddha is enlightened.

The Food Buddha is... putting foie gras in your dim sum.

Speaking of that: the Food Buddha has just unveiled Yum Cha Dim Sum Parlor, a sexy new take on the classic art of Chinese nibbling, now soft-open (sans liquor) in Lakeshore East.

You probably know the Food Buddha (aka Rodelio Aglibot) best from his time at Sunda. He and his partners—which also include Chinatown’s exalted dim sum palace, Phoenix—have parked themselves into that little enclave known as Lakeshore East, which you’ve long suspected was prime real estate for grabbing pork-soup dumplings before a show at the Pritzker Pavilion.

To really get the most out of this place, bring five or six friends—people you trust to simultaneously stick their chopsticks into a giant bowl of salad and start mixing as the server pours in dressing.

People for whom dim sum is just an amusing prelude to an all-out night of Special F. Yoo Yum (their update of egg foo young) and Peking duck carved tableside.

People unafraid to give a big, strong, roulette-style spin to a lazy Susan full of delectable shumai and sweet potato fries coated in salted duck egg.

You know. Good people.

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