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A Ski Expedition to the Edge of the Arctic

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“Floe edge.”

Sounds kind of cool. Spelled awesomely, too.

It’s actually that part of the Arctic where frozen ice meets the open sea.

That’s what the floe edge is.

And that’s what you’re about to go skiing on...

Steel your nerves for the Floe-Edge Skiing & Sea Kayaking Expedition, the world’s first crusade involving the exploration of the Arctic’s edge by way of kayak and ski, taking reservations now.

No one’s really done this before. So good luck. Also, might want to heed these warnings before you go:

You’re heading somewhere even more remote than Siberia.
By snowmobile or sled, you’ll make your way to the uninhabitable hinterland north of Pond Inlet on Baffin Island, Canada. Self-banishment at its finest.

Don’t expect high thread counts.
You’re in the middle of nowhere, so you’ll get to sleep in a gigantic palace. Kidding. You’re sleeping on cold, hard ice. Come on, what’d you expect...

You’ll bow to the whims of the weather gods.
How you experience the world’s most dramatic ecosystem will depend on the weather. Sometimes you’ll ski. Sometimes you’ll kayak. Sometimes you’ll just be hanging out and narwhals will pop up out of nowhere at you.

It’s kind of their thing.


Floe-Edge Skiing & Sea Kayaking Expedition
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