Pistol Formation

Locally Made T-Shirts, Polos and Henleys

Well, looks like you and your old favorite shirt are headed for a conscious uncoupling.

This is Pistol Lake, an LA-based outfit that’s making the types of tees, polos and hoodies that you could live in, online now.

What you’ve got here is a couple of simple, logo-less and locally-hand-stitched-with-premium-cotton shirts that were designed to be an extension of you. The kind of torso staples you’d feel comfortable wearing anywhere. The beach. The Bowl. Spago. The shower. Okay... maybe not the shower.

The site was just launched today, so it’s purely the necessities right now (that means no pants). Your classic crewneck. Your fitted three-button henley. A terry hoodie that would make a lot of sense to bring if you’re going to Coachella.

And every order is hand-packed, wrapped in kraft paper with twine and sent along with a thank-you note.

No reply necessary.

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