Bubble Soccer

Stunt Bubble

A Soccer Match Played Inside of Giant Bubbles

None Let’s get you ready for soccer season, shall we...

Cleats: Check.
Stupid headband: Check.
Giant plastic bubble suit: Not quite check yet but you’re working on it.

Here to help with that last one: Bubble Soccer, a not-normal spin on the game that calls for everyone to wear inflatable balls and run around bouncing into each other all night, taking sign-ups now for the test-run game on Monday evening at Central Park in the O4W.

First, you’ll need to come to terms with what’s happening here. The Atlanta Sport and Social Club is about to have you doing bicycle kicks in what essentially amounts to a lightweight, transparent sumo wrestler suit. Good. Let’s move on.

Show up around 8:30pm. They’ll give you a suit and introduce you to your teammates so you can discuss strategy. The game’s played just like regular soccer, minus the goalies. And regardless of that fact, it’s probably best if you just charge everyone on the opposing team because you’re in a bubble and that’s fun.

They may eventually start a league, but for now they’re just using the suits for whatever seems appropriate. Like human bowling and breaking them out at beer fests and...

... well, soccer.


Bubble Soccer
at Central Park
400 Merritts Ave NE
Atlanta, GA, 30308

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