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Between St. Patrick’s Day and all this basketball, March is exhausting.

So it wouldn’t kill you to spend a few nights at home.

Or at a comfortable new bar that closely resembles a home.

Hey, still counts.

Go meet the neighbors at Bowen House, a little wooden abode from the Kennedy Room guys full of plush chairs, bookshelves and chandeliers (oh, and a well-stocked bar... that part’s important), now open in Uptown.

You may remember this spot from its Ahab Bowen days. When it was a vintage clothing store and therefore not a good candidate for spending your evenings immersed in American whiskeys and fireside repartee. Anyway, those days are over.

Which means that now you’re confronted with a real sit-and-stay-awhile kind of place. So swing by when time is not of the essence. Then acquaint yourself with that dark wooden bar for solo drinking endeavors. And those white marble tables for one-on-one conversations. And that fireplace for, you know, keeping warm between Old Fashioneds.

And because such things often make you hungry, the kitchen is churning out four new menu items each week. Think pork sandwiches, wild-game chili and red beans and rice.

Then think, hey, dinner.

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