The Meme Generation

A Site That Turns Your Online Life into a Memoir

None Some sentences are tough to utter without sounding like kind of a jackass.

Like “Why, yes, the bay is lovely this time of year.” Or “I’m writing my memoirs.”

Might want to start refining that last one, because it turns out you’ve already been writing yours...

Time to celebrate your book deal with Memeoirs, an Italian bookmaking outfit that will turn your email or Facebook conversations into an actual book that you could put on an actual bookshelf, online now.

Long ago, great people wrote great letters. Letters that lasted. Letters that would be read and loyally misinterpreted by generations to come. Now, we fire off endless social media posts and emails, forgotten almost immediately after they’re sent.

Unless. You can sign in with Facebook (to capture the legacy of your ongoing witty exchanges with your barista), or sign in with your email address (if you’re looking to compile your email conversation with Kurt Vonnegut, or someone claiming to be him, back in 2003). Memeoirs will quickly pull out only the relevant exchanges and format it into something impressively bookish. Chapters and everything.

Choose a cover. Write a foreword if you want. Customize the layout. A few days later: you’re a published author.

Small press.

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