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Garten State

An Open-Air Beer Garden on Henderson

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If everything’s a hazy mess of green leprechauns and Guinness, you may want to take it easy for a while.

Or... maybe just switch to something German.

Say guten tag to Glass Boot Biergarten, an outdoor shrine to some of Germany’s finest exports (dunkels, brats, soft pretzels), now open off Henderson.

If you measure the start of spring with alfresco drinking spots rather than vernal equinoxes, then this is your kind of place. Inside, it’s just a simple span of red bricks, wooden benches and a copper-topped bar. But the real draw: that sprawling patio of communal tables and stone pillars for spending countless hours researching the holy union of sausage and beer.

Naturally, you’ll want to bring some friends. Anyone who’s a fan of sharing beer-marinated wings and knackwursts between rounds of Hacker-Pschorr should do the trick. You’ll spread out at those big tables. You’ll bask in the sun. You’ll swear blood oaths that this is the year you finally hit Munich for Oktoberfest.

And if you’re still hungry (or just need to update your Instagram feed), you should really order the soft pretzel. Partly because soft pretzels are delicious, but mostly because this one’s sized like a radiator.

A soft, salty radiator.


Glass Boot Biergarten
1804 McMillan Ave
Dallas, TX, 75205


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