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A Zipline That Maybe Shouldn’t Exist

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But enough small talk. Here’s the highest zipline in the world.

Believe you can fly for La Tyrolienne, a new 4,265-foot cable that’s been ratcheted between two peaks in the French Alps and carries the title of highest zipline on the planet, now open.

Imagine hurtling through the air at 65 miles per hour suspended by a harness. Terrifying. Now imagine doing that at the height of eight and a half Empire State Buildings. Yep. Still terrifying. Good thing you don’t give a sh*t.

It’ll work like this: you’ll head to the ski resort of Orelle and make your way to the top of the Bouchet chairlift. When you see a cable that’s strung up with bright-red balls and looks way too dangerous, you’ve arrived.

Stick your skis on your back. You’ll need those later. But for now, it’s all about strapping on a harness and getting airborne. You’ll be shooting above snow-dusted bowls for almost a mile, dangling 820 feet above the ground at points.

It’s a pretty long ride. But when you finally touch down at the neighboring ski resort of Val Thorens, feel free to ski your way back down.

That won’t be anticlimactic at all.

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