Ground Control

Problem-Solving Leather Goods

Keep this away from Taco Bell.

We don’t want them getting any ideas.

Because here comes This Is Ground, a Downtown crafter of leather organizers/cases with names like the Cord Taco Supreme and the Cordito, available now.

You own gadgets. They’re fragile. You also own cables for those gadgets. They tangle. So that’s where these locally made napa cow leather shells come into the picture. They keep things from breaking and knotting. And they do it with handsome cases modeled after the almighty taco.

So we see you picking up a turquoise Cord Taco Grande three-pack to hold earbuds, a leather Cordlupa to keep your laptop charger in order and a couple of their Knick Knack Nachos to use for storing things like spare change, keys and USB sticks.

And then we see you getting very hungry.

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