All the Right Moovs

Your Own Talking, Pocket-Size Electronic Trainer

None In the future, maybe you’ll have Scarlett Johansson’s voice cooing adorably in your ear while she organizes every aspect of your computer and your life...

Right now, at least you’ve got a new digital lady telling you to drop and give her 20.

Hey, gotta start somewhere.

Warm up for Moov, a smart little gadget that will monitor your workouts and tell you what you’re doing wrong, available for preorder now.

It’s like shrinking your trainer down to pocket size—a small, 3D-motion-sensor-covered disk that you’ll strap on your arm, ankle, shoe, bike or wherever makes sense. It works with five activities now—boxing, running, biking, strength training and swimming. (Yep, it’s waterproof.)

And then: get to it. Your new favorite electronic woman will track your workout and monitor your form through your earphones or handheld. She’ll say things like “Shorten your stride” or “Land softer,” if you’re running, to make sure you’re protecting your knees—and yeah, if she’s feeling feisty, she might suddenly demand you bang out some push-ups. She’ll count ’em for you and everything.

Once the thing gets sent to you this summer, new programs will be added, and she’ll help improve your golf swing and your yoga poses.

Just know up front that she doesn’t want to be exclusive.

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