Goldmine ATV Tours

Get Out of Dodge

You, an ATV and an Old Gold Mine. And Bears.

None When people say they’re sitting on a gold mine, it’s usually because they have something of great value in their possession.

When you say you’re sitting on a gold mine, it’s because you’ve just plowed an ATV through bear dens and hidden trails and ended up sitting on an actual gold mine.

Mount up for Goldmine ATV Tours, a road-trip-worthy North Georgia adventure where you drive an all-terrain vehicle to an 1800s gold mine so you can see what happens, taking reservations now for the next tour at ZipNTime in Helen.

When you get to this 600-acre park, there’ll be people swinging around overhead. Don’t mind them. They’re just ziplining. Because this is primarily a zipline course. What you’re concerned with: their newer development, which involves forging your own path through a largely untouched piece of land.

You’ll drive to Helen, rendezvous with your fearless leader and begin exploring what’s on the property. A creek. A bear den. A bat-riddled gold mine that goes 60 feet underground. Safe stuff like that.

Oh, and when you make your reservations, let them know you’d like to do some skeet shooting as well. They’ll get it all set up for you.

Presumably not under the zipline course.


Goldmine ATV Tours
at ZipNTime
7019 S Main St
Helen, GA, 30545

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