Fade to Black

The World’s Most Secure Cell Phone

None Attention, everyone who owns a phone.

It’s time to upgrade your phone.

Shhhhhhhh, this is Blackphone, a highly encrypted, Android-based cellular device that’s the closest thing you’ll ever get to an NSA-proof phone, available for preorder now.

It looks like a cell phone. Feels like a cell phone. Even makes calls, plays music and uploads pictures of shrimp cocktail to Instagram like a cell phone. But unlike other phones, a bunch of data-encryption gurus (let’s just “pretend” they’re rogue CIA) designed every bit of this—from your contacts to your Web browser—to remain untraceable and anonymous. Handy.

So if you frequently find yourself worrying about invisible government eavesdroppers and/or tech-savvy exes, picking up one of these makes a lot of (okay, at least some) sense. It comes with the sort of features (dual-facing camera, high-definition touchscreen) you typically require. Plus, it’ll work on just about any carrier in any country.

Even Liechtenstein.

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