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There’s a Spare Grill on Your Spare Tire

None We’ve all been there.

You’re merrily driving along in a car filled with steak when...

Actually, let’s back up a second. You now drive a vehicle full of steak because that vehicle now carries a hidden backup BBQ grate.

Moving on. Witness the Front Runner Spare Tire Mount BBQ Grate, which is just a long way of saying there’s a grilling device attached to your surplus tire, available online now.

If you locked Bobby Flay and the Michelin Man in the same room and forced them to invent things, this would be one of those things (also, you’d probably get arrested).

It’s a collapsible, stainless-steel cooking grate that fits seamlessly over the contours of your extra tire. Just take it down, set its legs over some manner of open flame and place edible things atop its laser-cut grilling surface.

Great for sizzling ribs while tailgating at various big-game scenarios. Well suited for impromptu bratwurst cravings during a road trip. Handily transforms fire pit situations into s’mores situations.

Oh, and when you’re done cooking, the whole thing doubles as a table.

A really short, kind of stupid table.


Front Runner Spare Tire Mount BBQ Grate

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