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You survived Valentine’s Day.

Now here’s something with no cheesy cards. No overpriced dinners. No champagne.

Okay, maybe some champagne...

It’s Canadian Adventure Company, a three-, four- or seven-day journey through some untouched British Columbian wilderness, taking reservations now.

Herewith, three things you need to know:

No one has skied here. Ever.
You’re heading to backcountry terrain that’s totally untouched by ski providers. It takes a 25-minute chopper ride just to get from a staging area to where you’re staying. So... maybe don’t watch The Shining on your flight to Canada.

Your HQ: a crazy solar-powered lodge.
It’s called the Mallard Mountain Lodge. It has enough space for you and around six other people. Oh, and about that log hut outside: it’s got toilets that incinerate your waste. Al Gore would be so proud.

What happens next depends on the season.
If it’s winter, you’ll strap on your gear and venture forth with your guide. Say you want to go somewhere that you can’t access on foot. No problem. Just jump on a snowmobile. But if it’s summer, your alpine jaunt will happen on llamaback. Specifically, on llamas that have been meticulously trained by Sherpas for millennia.

Though they still look a little ridiculous.


Canadian Adventure Company
Mallard Peak, Rocky Mountains
British Columbia
+1 250 835 4516
official website


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