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This Should Help You Out on February 14

None They’re coming for you.

The flowers. The candy hearts. The stuffed bears holding flowers and candy hearts.

But your lingerie concierge is, too, so...

Show some love for M by Naja, a maker of tasteful unmentionables with a dedicated team of experts ready to help you pick out the right tasteful unmentionables for the job, online now.

Think of this as having a friend on the inside. Of lingerie. We’re going to move on now...

You’ll visit their site and see a bunch of tantalizing lacey things. Avoid those for now. For now, just sign up for the men’s service and think of someone who appreciates the finer things in undergarments—things like memory-foam cups and hand-harvested Peruvian cotton. And more importantly, who you wouldn’t mind seeing in some hand-harvested Peruvian cotton.

Very soon after, you’ll get a call from one of their stylists. You’ll tell her all about your special someone’s tastes and curves, and she’ll help you choose the perfect wearable gifts before scheduling them for a later delivery. Like on Valentine’s Day, obviously.

Or Arbor Day, less obviously.

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