Pod People

That. You’re Sleeping in That.

None Fact is, you spend about one-third of your life asleep.

So you might as well make the most of it.

Wow, we too were thinking about some kind of bizarre vibrating slumber oval.

Don the silk pajamas for The Tranquility Pod, an elaborate bed-like contraption that’ll soothe you to sleep with ambient lights and sounds, available now.

What you’ve got here is... well, it’s a hell of a conversation piece, that’s what it is. Basically, a big fiberglass egg. But one that’s housing a temperature-controlled water bed, plus a few notable enhancements. The four-speaker sound system and ambient mood lighting come to mind.

Your bedroom: now technically where the magic does in fact happen. Just get one of these, crawl inside and, hey, pretty cozy in here. It’s partly because of the suede-topped memory foam mattress. But mostly because the pod blocks outside noise, and the below-deck subwoofer gently vibrates the bed, sending relaxing waves throughout your body. (Of course it does.)

And all the while, a built-in pulse sensor syncs LED lights with your heart rate to create a little mood lighting.

It’s like the world’s calmest disco.

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