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A Barn Full of Bathtubs and Massages

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Lexington, Massachusetts.

They used to be really into pointy hats and starting revolutions over there.

Now they just want to feed you clam chowder and have you sleep over in a barn full of bathtubs and four-poster beds.

Don’t forget your toothbrush for The Inn at Hastings Park, a handsome new mini village of lodgings spread across two historic Lexington homes and one barn, opening February 3 and taking reservations now.

If a 19th-century innkeeper got into the 21st-century boutique hotel business, well... this. What you’ll find: 22 rooms scattered throughout three buildings built before Benjamin Harrison was president. And nothing against pre-Harrison-era inns, but they probably weren’t filled with oversize velvet sofas, marble bathrooms with plunge tubs and giant American-flag quilts like this one is.

Book one of the master suites in the Barn and don a linen bathrobe. Do stuff. Say stuff. Just... be. Or maybe it’s a certain day in February and a certain someone’s accompanying you for in-room massages and lengthy discussions about Colonial history. That’s fine, too.

But be advised that a few weeks after it opens, a restaurant in the main house called Artistry on the Green will start dispensing local microbrews and classic Yankee fare.

There, now you’re advised.


The Inn at Hastings Park
2027 Massachusetts Ave
Lexington, MA, 02421


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