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These People Are Hiding Tiny Cabins

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The location: remote and undisclosed.

The living quarters: experimental.

The s’mores: totally happening.

That sets the scene for Getaway, a Harvard-based startup that’s building little tiny cabins in secret locations and letting you sleep in them, now booking.

You may have a question. Or questions. Shoot.

Q: Define “little tiny cabin.”
A: Some Harvard grad students have designed a little wooden cabin called the Ovida. Somehow, they fit in all the essentials—a shower, a stove, a queen bed, wall-mounted antlers. (Oh, here it is now.)

Q: What else is in there?
A: “Provisions.” Which encompasses everything from two bikes to marshmallow-roasting sticks to a grill and campfire pit.

Q: So how do I get there?
A: You’ll book ahead of time, from one night to two weeks. But you won’t know where you’re going until 24 hours before the trip. That’s when they’ll email you directions to a location within two hours’ driving distance from Boston.

Q: Will that email self-destruct?
A: No.

Q: What does the future hold?
A: They’re accepting pre-bookings for the Lorraine, a cabin designed to be a workspace and launching August 14.

Q: I meant “future” in a broad sense.
A: Drones. Robots. Sharknado 4.

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