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The East Coast’s First 4D Movie Theater

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“In the future, everyone will be able to smell movies.”
—Not something Andy Warhol ever said

But it’s happening anyway.

Butter something for Showcase MX4D, a type of movie-watching experience that involves moving seats, bursts of water and, yes, real-life smells, now open at Showcase Cinema de Lux in Revere. (And here’s what it looks like.)

It’s the second theater of its kind in America and the first on the East Coast. And it looks like a normal-enough movie theater on the inside, just with bigger and cozier seats. So far, so good.

Then, your movie starts. And so do all the 4D effects. They’ll correspond to what’s happening on screen. So, for example, your seat might shake if there’s an explosion. You may get a slight but perceptible spray of mist if there’s an ocean in frame. And if something’s burning, they’ll pump out the scent of smoke.

The first movie they’re showing is the new Fantastic Four. And they’ll be screening other major studio flicks going forward.

So maybe hold out for those other major studio flicks going forward.


Showcase MX4D
at Showcase Cinema de Lux Revere
565 Squire Rd
Revere, MA, 02151


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