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One Majestic Camper, Coming Right Up

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
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Something’s missing from your life.

We’re not saying we know what that is.

But we’re guessing it’s a wooden camper that looks like a scaled-down cross between Aristotle Onassis’s personal sailing vessel and a ’53 Woodie.

Did we nail it? We probably nailed it.

Either way, here’s Hütte Hut, a California-made camper that’s far more attractive than most of the other campers that have come before it, now available online. (And here she is.)

Let’s get this out of the way: if the cost of this thing were measured in Monopoly real estate, it’d be Park Place. With, like, two hotels. But what’s money other than worthless pieces of paper that we’ve assigned arbitrary values to? That’s the spirit.

Now that that’s settled, maybe you’re looking at spending some quality time in the Maine wilderness. Or you’re finally embarking on that long-delayed cross-country road trip to discover “The Real America” or something.

Whatever the scenario, you’ll be damned if you won’t be hitched to a 44-square-foot sleeping chamber with solid wood trusses, Baltic birch floors, a removable, waterproof canopy and room for one bed.

And every one of these beauties is made to order. So yours doesn’t even exist until you decide it does.

In summary: nice camper.

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