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The Five Best Things from This Year’s CES

Perhaps you heard: the annual futurefest that is the Consumer Electronics Show took place in Vegas last week. Giant televisions were watched. Supercomputers were unveiled. But a few things stood out above the rest... including one very awkward movie director.

UD - EyeLock Myris

EyeLock Myris

What This Is: Basically a webcam that scans your iris and uses it as an encrypted code to replace all your digital usernames and passwords.
How You’ll Use It: To sign into your email. To add Pentagon-level security to your Netflix account.

UD - Stir Kinetic Desk

Stir Kinetic Desk

What This Is: A self-aware “smart desk” from a former Apple engineer that automatically rises whenever it senses that you’ve been sitting for too long.
How You’ll Use It: To stimulate blood flow. And weird looks from your coworkers.

UD - Babolat Play

Babolat Play

What This Is: A sensor-laden tennis racquet that wirelessly measures and tracks everything from swing speed to wrist endurance to ball impact. Nadal’s a fan.
How You’ll Use It: To cheat. At tennis.

UD - Flir One

Flir One

What This Is: An iPhone case that doubles as a thermal imaging camera. Yes, your iPhone has night vision now.
How You’ll Use It: To find your keys in the dark. Or Arnold Schwarzenegger and Carl Weathers in the jungle.

UD - Oh, Michael Bay...

Oh, Michael Bay...

What This Is: A short video of Michael Bay having a rather difficult time speaking about curved televisions.
How You’ll Use It: To amuse yourself on a Monday.

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