Cold Feet

The Only Snowshoes You’ll Ever Need

None Santa wishes he had these...

Walk this way for Fimbulvetr, a pair of snowshoes from Norway that are about to revolutionize the snowshoe game (yes, there’s a snowshoe game), available now.

Consider these the Air Jordans of snowshoes. They’re made of an ultra-lightweight, indestructible material called thermoplastic elastomer (commonly found in car engines). They’re the first to use an all-direction hinge for the binding. They’re designed with a double curve honeycomb sole. And they’re 100% recyclable. So, yes, you can run in the snow in them. Also, you can 100% recycle them.

Obviously, you’ll call upon these in any and all typical snowshoe situations. Like when you’re climbing Mount Everest (see “2014 resolutions”). Or accessing a particularly remote chalet hot tub. And since they’re also fully capable of working on sand, maybe keep a pair handy for your next beach vacation.

On second thought, don’t. It’ll look ridiculous.

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