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Canoe Built You a Shiny New Wine Shop

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You love the place.

Always have.

For the lamb racks. For the proximity to Chattahoochee rivers. For the wine.

And guess what: the wine loves you back now.

As exhibited by Canoe’s Cellar Door, the answer to your “Canoe’s hours of operation don’t always coincide with my wine-consuming hours of operation so please fix it” prayers (so... it’s a wine shop), soft-open as of today adjacent to the restaurant.

This is essentially an extension of their wine list. Only instead of skimming bottles on pieces of paper, you’ll be skimming more than 650 of them while walking through row after row of wine racks. And you won’t have bread in front of you. Sacrifices, people.

Times this place will come in handy: all of them. But particularly on a Friday like today when you’d rather be safe than sorry come cork-popping time. Swing by on your way home and poke around. They’ve got $9 bottles. $1,000 bottles. Pretty much everything. (Bonus: “everything” also includes beer.)

Sign up for the monthly club, too. It’ll score you things like face time with Canoe’s wine director, early access to new inventory and periodic wine tastings on the banks of the Chattahoochee.

So... periodic wine tastings on the banks of the Chattahoochee.


Canoe’s Cellar Door
4199 Paces Ferry Rd SE
Atlanta, GA, 30339


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