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This Pizza Joint Is Gorgeous

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Jon Stewart’s whole thing about Chicago deep-dish pizza and how he didn’t like it (because “Yuck!”) and Rahm’s thing about sending him a deep-dish pizza with dead fish on it (because “How dare you, Jon Stewart!”)...

Enough already. It’s childish. Stupid. Playground stuff.

You don’t have time for petty pizza chauvinism... when there’s a new thin-crust pie joint to check out.

Grab a couple slices of Stella Barra, an easygoing lair of thin-crust pies, cocktails, wine and leather couches, now open in Lincoln Park.

Well, okay. We should mention it’s from LA. Now... remember that open mind we just talked about.

It shares a roof (and a chef) with that new Summer House Santa Monica place. Here, the vibe is dark and moody, filled with black walls and subway tile. Nothing too fancy... but nothing too shabby.

You’ll go here to fill whatever need you happen to have. Pop in at the front bar before the Steppenwolf. There are 40 wines (and prosciutto). Get together here with friends. There are a couple of big booths and Aperol cocktails on draft.

Oh, and the crispy-chewy, thin-crust pies have toppings for everyone: things like burrata, Calabrian chilies and butternut squash.

Yes, they also have pepperoni.

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