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The Wildest Champagne Services in Vegas

A time for champagne is a time for celebration. A time for extravagance. A time for... having a model in a unicorn costume floating over your head with your bottle. These are the wildest champagne services in Vegas. Sorry, did we say wildest... We meant essential.

The Quarter-Million Option

The Quarter-Million Option

Patio tables overlooking the famous Bellagio fountain you’ll commandeer: 1
Percentage of control you’ll get over that fountain: 100
Liters of champagne they’ll bring you: 30
Odds you’ll be manning the fountain playlist: 1:1
Times you’ve fantasized about your fountain playlist: confidential

The Model-Parade Option

The Model-Parade Option

Q. Which thing’s not involved in your Dynastie service at Hakkasan?

a) Thirty LED-outfitted models parading in a 30-liter bottle of Ace of Spades.
b) A chariot.
c) An autographed gold record.
A. It’s a. There’s actually 40 models.

The Acrobatic Option

The Acrobatic Option

The name of your Champagne Fairy tonight will be Kristi Toguchi. Miss Toguchi is an accomplished contortionist who will sail through the air suspended by wires to deliver any bottle of premium champagne you order. So try to order them all at once, for her sake.

The Piñata Option

The Piñata Option

Your delivery options here:
—Go-go-dancing message carriers.
—Giant piñata.
—Flying unicorn cocktail waitress.
—Two-person pink Chinese dragon.
Your beverage options here: Champagne. And champagne.

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