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Behold: South African Jerky

None Gas stations.


South Africa.

Guess where you get your jerky from now.

Savor the carnivorousness that is Jonty Jacobs, a new purveyor of well-spiced South African–style dried beef (yup, “fancy jerky”), online now.

What you’ve got here is the thinking man’s jerky. We’re talking 400 years of South African meat-drying ingenuity involving vinegar, salt and a secret blend of brown sugar and cardamom spices. (Okay, so it’s not that secret.)

Basically, a couple of South African meat guys moved to Brooklyn. And along with their luggage, furniture and a few books, they brought their native jerky. Which means you can now get their native jerky. Score.

Anyway, the stuff is sliced in two ways: Biltong—which are smaller, thinner strips best enjoyed via the hand-in-bag-while-hiking method. And Droëwors—longer, spicier strips. You’ll want to slap those on a charcuterie board at your next charcuterie-appropriate function.

Or give them out for Halloween if you’re a gigantic weirdo.

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