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Science-y Pants for Your Bike-Riding Pleasure

None Pants are good for a lot of things.

Being pants.

Being... pants.

Okay, so that fizzled out pretty quickly.

Let’s just get to the part where they’re good for riding bikes.

The Osloh part. It’s a recently funded Kickstarter project involving pants and jeans specifically designed to make you look more stunning while riding a bike (they also involve 40 individual manufacturing processes, so there’s that), available for preorder now.

Coffee runs. Morning commutes. Riding around town chewing Bubble Tape and launching free T-shirts with your face on them at people. Doesn’t matter what you do on a bike. These are here for you now to make it all a lot more comfortable and handsome.

And you’ve got options. All of which involve science and quilted chamois padding and anti-odor coatings and other things you don’t want to think about ever.

Take the Lane Trouser, for example. You’d never know that its cavalry twill was designed to stretch each time you crank the pedal. You’d never know that its smartphone-specific pocket was made to keep your phone from hitting the pavement.

Your body’s on its own.

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