Wise Acre

Everything-Proof Outerwear from SF

Before we begin today, we need to ask you a few questions.

Have you ever thought about crossing the Sahara? (Yes/No/Maybe)

Do you plan on climbing the Himalayas in the near future? (Yes/No/Maybe)

Does the weather ever get kinda chilly where you live? (Yes/No/Maybe)

If you answered yes or maybe to one of the above, please proceed.

Make some outdoor plans for Acre, a handsome new breed of all-weather-everything-proof gear from San Francisco, available now.

These are the kinds of impenetrable, natural-disaster-resistant things that’ll make you consider taking up triathlons... or at least walking to pick up bagels in the winter. Here’s what the current line includes:

There’s a jacket. It’s waterproof. It’s form-fitting. It looks really slick while you’re downhill mountain biking and/or pumpkin picking. (Two things you should never do at the same time.)

There’re some bags. All of which have built-in hydration packs. Which is always a good thing during a hike. Because you can fill it with water. In case that wasn’t obvious.

There’re a couple of science-y shirts. They’re just like normal shirts, except they’re constructed from a special wool that regulates temperature, resists odors and stretches with your body.

So, nothing like normal shirts.

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