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The Best Steaks in Texas, Delivered

None You enjoy a good steak.

Texas makes a good steak.

We should totally put the two of you in touch.

Ready your finest cutlery for 44 Farms, a legendary Texas institution of Angus beefiness capable of getting USDA prime ribeyes to your doorstep by this time Thursday, online now.

These guys, they’re some real overachievers. Their pedigree: 104 years of cattle ranching the hell out of Central Texas. Their steaks: in the top 2% of all beef in America. And their client list: basically a who’s who of chop masters around the Lone Star State (like Haven and Underbelly, to name a couple). Oh, right, and you.

So pay their humble site a visit. Order a few USDA prime filets and ribeyes. Maybe some ground beef if your tailgate spatula’s getting restless. It’s all coming from cows that’ve been provided with an endless grazing pasture, a team of nutritionists and a bovine psychologist to ensure they’re genetically superior.

And deal with any lingering mother issues.

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