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Uptown’s New Beer, Burger and Music Hall

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There are at least two good reasons to be outside right now.

One is the weather.

The other is a concert.

And there’s at least one Uptown place now where you can enjoy both.

Hold a lighter over your head for The Rustic, an indoor/outdoor restaurant and music hall full of local beers and wood-fired meats, hosting a few preview parties this weekend before officially opening Wednesday.

This place is brought to you by the Bowl & Barrel and Mutts guys. And Pat Green. The country music guy. Because, hey, teamwork. And they’ve dreamed up this sprawling space of reclaimed woods, cow-skull adornments and a massive backyard for watching music of the live variety.

So come here to eat wild-boar meatballs and grilled quail. Come here to drink Texas drafts and tequila cocktails. Come here to listen to music and dance around. What we’re saying is, don’t be a stranger.

On any given night, you might stop by for dinner and stay for a drink. But when the weekends bring big acts, those backyard tables clear out, creating plenty of room for all your friends.

And like a thousand people you don’t know.


The Rustic
3656 Howell St
Dallas, TX 75204


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