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None 5 Photos A Nomadic Skiing Adventure Through Mongolia
Sometimes you just need to leave it all behind.

Go someplace exotic.

Spend your days chasing down reindeer and drinking fermented horse milk with nomadic tribes.

Well, that’s weird. That’s also A Nomadic Skiing Adventure Through Mongolia, an 18-day journey wherein you become a skiing reindeer-herder (among other things).

It’s taking reservations now, and it goes thusly:

You’re pit stopping in a town full of contraband.
Hop on the first flight to Mörön (the town-naming guy must’ve taken the day off). That’s where you’ll find Mongolia’s biggest black market. It’s right there. In Mörön.

Then, you’ll ski into the wilderness with your guide.
Passing through forested plains and barren tundra before...

You’ll get cozy with local nomads.
Specifically, the Tsaatan tribe. After an elaborate welcoming ceremony full of rousing songs and dances, they’ll show you to your quarters. Spoiler: it’s a tepee.

Next morning, you’ll herd reindeer. On skis.
Oh, and you’ll have to fashion your own traditional Tsaatan skis from scratch. Well, from wood, but you get it.

And it all ends with a massive party on ice.
On your final two days, you’ll ride a horse-drawn sleigh into an all-tribes-invited party on a frozen lake. Expect shamans. And speed-skating races. And ice sumo.

Actual sumo would be weird.


A Nomadic Skiing Adventure Through Mongolia
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