Walking Red

Red Socks. Not Sox. Socks.

So, October. Two things happening in Boston. First thing: the American League Division Series. That involves Red Sox. Second thing: fall. That involves red... socks. Okay, they don’t have to be red, but we really wanted this to work out. Anyway, here are five red socks for Red Sox games.

Long Wool Socks at Thomas Pink

Long Wool Socks at Thomas Pink

The Sock: 100% wool and 100% red. Which is weird, because sheep are white.
Degree of Redness: 100%. We’re talking Maine-hot-dog red.
When to Wear Them: Autumnal walks that can best be described as “brisk.” Learning how to fry a turducken. At Fenway.

Long Wool Socks, $42, Thomas Pink, 100 Huntington Ave, 617-267-0447

Augustine Socks at Uniform

Augustine Socks at Uniform

The Sock: Red. With little blue bumpy checks. Yes, they’re fun to feel.
Degree of Redness: 78%. Red checks: way more fun to feel than blue checks.
When to Wear Them: Pumpkin patch perusing. Apple picking. Corn maze decrypting. At Fenway.

Augustine Socks, $15, Uniform, 511 Tremont St, 617-247-2360

Corgi Socks at J.Crew Ludlow Shop

Corgi Socks at J.Crew Ludlow Shop

The Sock: Red with blue stripes. Made in Wales. Their flag has a red dragon.
Degree of Redness: 45%. Their flag has a red dragon, not their sock.
When to Wear Them: Rekindling a rooftop fire pit. Next to a portable grill topped with a row of wild boar links. At Fenway.

Corgi Lightweight Pattern Socks, $28, J.Crew Ludlow Shop, 100 Huntington Ave, 617-375-1032

Downing Socks at Louis Boston

Downing Socks at Louis Boston

The Sock: Red. Almost solid red. Made by Italians, who excel at making red things. (See: marinara; Campari.)
Degree of Redness: 88%. They missed the heels and the toes.
When to Wear Them: Leaping. Accidentally dropping jumbo pretzels into dugouts. Catching foul balls. At Fenway.

Downing Socks, $45, Louis Boston, 60 Northern Ave, 617-262-6100

Sailor Stripe Socks at Steven Alan

Sailor Stripe Socks at Steven Alan

The Sock: Tulipano (yes, that’s a shade of red) and white nautical stripes (that’s... something different).
Degree of Redness: N/A. We’re still trying to figure out how to rank tulipano.
When to Wear Them: Dashing through an ivy-covered quad. Rating air crispness. At Tropicana Field or Progressive Field. (Hey, there’s going to be at least one away game.)

Sailor Stripe Socks, $24, Steven Alan, 172 Newbury St, 617-398-2640

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