American Field Pop-Up

Field of Dreams

American Field Is Back. And... Better.

It’s happening again.

It’s really happening again.



Oh, and the American Field Pop-Up, that ever-faithful bastion of made-in-America rakishness filled with everything from Red Wing boots to Carolina-milled bow ties to... barbers giving you straight-razor shaves.

It’s returning to the South End this weekend, and here’s what’s new for 2013:

You’re looking at twice the America.
In attendance: over 50 vendors. That’s almost twice as many as last year. Walk in. Admire someone’s beard. Breathe in the scent of fresh leather and waxed cotton. Breath out. Feel the glen-check lining of an American Trench jacket. Eat a grilled cheese (yep, the food trucks are back).

It must not have rained much last year.
Because Ball and Buck didn’t show up with a bunch of camo-lined, antique-brass-accented rain jackets that they made with Freeman. But this year they will. So you’re good.

You can invest in gold... aviators.
Thank Randolph Engineering for that one, because they went ahead and made you a pair of 23-karat-gold-plated aviators. Seriously, thank them for that one.

Hope you like bluegrass.
There’s lots of it. Way more bands this year. Bluegrass ones. Because of course bluegrass ones.

Oh, and there’s still a beer garden.
There’s... still a beer garden.

Just saying.


American Field Pop-Up
540 Harrison Ave
Boston, MA, 02118

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