In the Club

Working Out in a Nightclub. Really.

None So there you are. In a sea of strobe lights and smoke. Sweaty limbs moving in time to the pounding bass. The DJ segues into a new track and you figure that’s as good a time as any to head over to the bar...

... for a wheatgrass shot.

Welcome to LazerFitness, an exercise routine that turns your friendly neighborhood nightclub into a gym, launching October 7 at Grand Central.

Below, three ways to start feeling the burn.

When you need a warm-up for the weekend.
Because this whole thing is really going down in a club. For the first run of classes, you’ll head to Grand Central at one of the scheduled times. There’ll be flashing lights, a live DJ and... a fully stocked bar of cold-pressed juices. And smoothies.

When the elliptical’s lost its charm.
Last we checked, it was pretty tough to break out the running man on a cardio machine. So do that here. There’s even an instructor to help you with the finer points of busting a move. Not that you need it or anything.

When you’re feeling more Zubaz than Tom Ford.
Yeah, you’ll definitely want to make an entrance wearing some workout gear. You bring the sneakers, socks and sweats. They’ll hook you up with the glow sticks.

Oontz oontz responsibly.


at Grand Central
697 N Miami Ave
Miami, FL, 33136

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