Truck Yard

The Longest Yard

A Sprawling Spot for Cheesesteaks and Beers

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Stop us if you’ve ever heard the one about the two-story treehouse bar and the pink flamingos...


Okay, we’ll keep going.

Look over Truck Yard, an everything-to-everybody spot that’s sporting a cheesesteak shack, a sprawling beer garden and a bona fide bar in a tree, now open off Lower Greenville Ave.

Yes, it’s a lot to absorb. So let’s walk you through it.

For all your protected-from-the-still-hot-sun eating/drinking, you’ve got Steak Me Home Tonight. That’s an Eddie Money pun. Also, that’s a red shack with a walk-up Carnival Barker’s Ice Creams window, reclaimed-wood tables and bar stools fashioned from kegs. The latter make for fine seats when draft beers and ribeye cheesesteaks are on the line. And good news: they’re on the line.

Walk to the rear for an open-air mélange of mismatched chairs, rotating food trucks, those plastic pink flamingos and a silver Airstream. Start at the trailer. Because it’s actually a bar. And therefore a good spot to grab some PBR before walking over to the double-decker treehouse on your right. Say the password (“I’d like a bottled daiquiri, please”) and climb on up.

Treehouses: criminally underrated.

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