Traversal of Fortune

High-Altitude Border-Crossing in the Alps

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Peanut butter or jelly.

Gin or tonic.

Bert or Ernie.

French Alps or Swiss Alps.

Just some things you should never have to choose between...

Ready your passport for the Grand Traverse of the Jura Ski Tour, a week of high-altitude cross-country skiing and border-hopping in the Alps along a legendary cross-country trail, taking reservations now for January.

The Jura Mountains. That’s where you’ll be. They’re right on the Franco-Swiss border. And they were pretty much invented for the sole purpose of testing your mettle. Especially since you’re following the path of France’s most storied cross-country race, the Transjurassienne, a month before it happens.

Here’s the plan: you’ll rendezvous with your guide in a French border village called Morteau. After grabbing your equipment—waxless skis, alpine boots, poles—you’ll hand over your bags to your guides.

Then, for the next seven days, you’ll zigzag across snow-covered meadows, rocky crests and other places Sir Francis Drake totally would’ve ridden a horse through.

And as you might imagine, resting is key here. So you’ll stay in both hotels and traditional gîtes (old farmers’ cottages turned rustic holiday homes). As for what you’ll eat... well, that depends on what you catch and cook on your own.

Here’s hoping it’s fondue season.


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