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Ski This Part of the World at Your Own Risk

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Normally, we tell you to do things.

But today, we’re going to tell you not to do things.

Specifically, don’t immediately make reservations to visit a frigid and mountainous hinterland in Central Asia for a little eight-day, off-the-grid Ski Mountaineering expedition in Kyrgyzstan.

But if you must, at least know the following...

No one’s ever done this before. For good reason.
Sure, you’ll be in the majestic Ala Archa Valley with a couple guides watching your back. But don’t get too comfortable. Because you’re heading straight into the backcountry to ski through an untested hellscape of ice, jagged rocks and great places to die. And take selfies.

You’re sleeping next to an abandoned Soviet resort.
After long days spent testing your mettle, you’ll retire to your hut next to a deserted ski resort. It’s got no hot water, no heat and no electricity. There’s also a “climbers cemetery” nearby. So, cute little place.

This is snow leopard territory.
Yep, snow leopards. They’re extinct in virtually every other corner of the world. Not here, though. But don’t stop scaling the three-mile summit all because of a casual leopard sighting.

A formal leopard sighting would be far worse.


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