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Custom Shirts and Scotch: A Pop-Up Story

Your torso texted us last night.

It sounded lonely.

Like you weren’t giving it enough attention lately.

So before this gets any creepier, let’s just agree that you should really stop neglecting it.

Related: the Proper Cloth Pop-Up is about to set up at the Liberty with a bunch of custom shirts and a bunch of delicious scotch, and they’re taking reservations now for this week.

In short, this is the physical manifestation of Proper Cloth, the NYC-and-online-based button-down guys. The guys who are about to be here, live and in person at the Liberty Hotel. With shirts. And smiles. And brown liquor.

So plan ahead. Make a reservation. That way, when you arrive on the third-floor rotunda above Clink, they’ll be ready for you with a tape measure, which will be used to fit you for a navy gingham shirt with a cutaway collar. And a rocks glass full of scotch, which will be used to be delicious once it enters your mouth.

Expect fabrics from the likes of Thomas Mason. Floral patterns handwoven in Italy. Basically, anything that’s going to make you look like you belong on a patio after work spinning tales of mystery and intrigue.

Or whatever you do on patios.


Proper Cloth Pop-Up
at The Liberty Hotel
215 Charles St
Boston, MA, 02114

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