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Hand-Delivered Gifts That Are Great

Let’s talk about random acts of kindness. Let’s talk about the personal touch of having something hand-delivered. Let’s talk about five over-the-top things you can send someone out of nowhere. Well, you’re going to listen while we talk. But, you know.

Tower Place Shoe Shine

Tower Place Shoe Shine

The Delivery: A real, live human armed with some elbow grease and ready to shine the hell out of some shoes. So a shoe shiner.
The Deliveree: A client you’re trying to impress, perhaps. It’s this or karaoke.
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The Delivery: An Italian suit, hand-delivered by a tailor who’ll stick around and make any necessary adjustments before leaving.
The Deliveree: A lifelong role model who you want to thank for always being there. Like your dad. Or Peter Cetera.
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Roots Pressed Juices

Roots Pressed Juices

The Delivery: The Hangover Recovery Kit from a new juice shop in Buckhead. It’s got things like detox water, aloe vera and chlorophyll H20.
The Deliveree: Anyone you had a few too many with the night before. So you can have a few too many with them again.
Hashtags: #morningafter #juicelee #justaddvodka

Atlanta Doodles

Atlanta Doodles

The Delivery: A labradoodle. A real, live, breathing Australian labradoodle puppy.
The Deliveree: Someone who loves puppies. Like, really loves puppies. So much so that they’d be delighted to see someone holding one on their doorstep. Puppies are the new General Tso’s chicken.
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A Quick Delivery

A Quick Delivery

The Delivery: Completely up to you. These people will deliver anything, anytime. So if you need, say, jewelry delivered at midnight, try these guys.
The Deliveree: Preferably anyone who’s ever said, “I wish someone would have jewelry delivered to me at midnight.”
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