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How to Use Blue Starlite’s Mobile Drive-In

None Okay, so you probably don’t need any pointers on how to watch a movie. But just in case you’re looking for something a bit... different, there’s this: Blue Starlite Mobile Mini Urban Drive-In, a Wynwood outfit that’ll set up a bona fide drive-in theater anywhere you want it, taking reservations now.

What follows: a few ways you can pull off the best damn movie night known to man.

Your Labor Day barbecue: now with more Iceman.
Nothing beats watching a kielbasa crisp up at a barbecue. A close second: Top Gun on a 22-foot screen. You’ll: find the lot, the grill and the beer. They’ll: set up the screen, the outdoor speakers and their projector (a retrofitted 1950s Chevy truck). Congratulations, you’ve won Labor Day.

Your office holiday karaoke party meets a swift end.
Here’s the plan: block off the garage rooftop and book an evening of Jingle All the Way and concession snacks (they do that, too). The night of, pull into a prime parking spot, turn the dial to Blue Starlite’s FM transmission and never listen to HR’s rendition of “Summer Nights” again.

Your next date-night double feature.
Yup, reserve the whole thing for up to five hours. Just you and a special someone.

Named “nachos.”


Blue Starlite Mobile Mini Urban Drive-In

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