ATL Guided Chaos Training

Chaos Theory

Learning How to Fight Like an Ex-Cop

None Person A: Former forensic crime scene expert. Invented a new fighting technique in New York circa 1978.

Person B: You. About to study said technique and become a human weapon.

Or, you know... better at throwing a punch.

And now that you’ve met the cast, meet ATL Guided Chaos Training, a weekly series of classes where you’ll learn the ways of an ex-cop who combined WWII combat techniques with Native American ground fighting and found that it was really effective should you begrudgingly need to beat someone up, accepting new members now at Buckhead Fight Club (in... Brookhaven).

So yeah, basically, this cop guy earned his fisticuffing stripes on the streets and invented this. It’s like every form of fighting rolled into one. The concept: all fights are unpredictable, so your training should be, too. Predict the unpredictable and all that.

The gym does appointment-only intro classes on Mondays, so start there. You’ll learn some basics from WWII training (knee-to-groin, hand-to-throat, palm-to-chin), some Native American ground fighting (rolls, kicks) and a few scenario drills (like how to not pass away).

And before each class ends, you’ll get paired off for a fight so you can use everything you just learned.

Maybe start with that little guy in the corner.


ATL Guided Chaos Training
at Buckhead Fight Club
3293 Buford Hwy NE, Ste 500
Brookhaven, GA, 30329

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