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Beers, Sandwiches and Your New Favorite Patio

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Back in January when TABC closed, you were like, “Oh man, TABC closed.”

You always did have a way with words.

Anyway, meet the new occupant.

Introduce yourself to Boxwood T+G, a relaxed hangout for idling away hours on a patio with cold beers and big sandwiches, now open in Uptown in the old TABC spot.

This place comes from the Candleroom and Dram guys. So you’re probably expecting something all sleek and handsome. Well, you’d be right. It is. Except this place is less velvet dance lounge and more neighborhood tavern. You know: exposed brick. Dark wood. Leather banquettes. That kind of place.

And therefore a fine spot to grab a table after work and explore its proclivities for local beers, po’boys and flat iron steaks. Plus a bunch of other things (a pitcher of ginger caipirinhas and late-night wings come to mind) you might enjoy sharing with a few acquaintances.

And wouldn’t you know it... just when you thought patios were idle remnants of weather past, this place goes and builds one with ivy-covered walls, big yellow umbrellas, a frozen margarita machine and misters.

Misters are your friend.

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