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Italy Just Touched Down in the North End

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Lots to discuss today:

Ties with a touch of origami.


Custom Italian road bikes.

A guy named Fabrizio who’s about to make all of those things happen for you...

Belt out a Venetian gondola song for Officina 189, a cross section of remarkably Italian, no-general-theme-whatsoever miscellany that’s about to make your life a much more dashing place, now open in the North End.

Picture it in FelliniVision. Black-and-white. You’re on old cobblestones. North Street. You enter this place, and suddenly... everything’s in full color now. A gentleman named Fabrizio materializes before you to a thunderclap of Andrea Bocelli harmonies and hands you a fresh espresso...

... All right, enough of that. Just picture the spread of Italian silk seven-fold ties you’ll see when you walk in. And the cache of colognes named after famous Florentine bridges. They smell like bergamot. This is interesting.

From there, it’s delightfully all over the place. Hand-sewn Genoa leather bags using Fabrizio’s great-grandfather’s design. Windup, ’50s-style watches with interchangeable color bands.

Oh, and if you want, you can Skype right there with some designers in Milan who’ll custom-create a single-gear Italian road bike for you.

But what a gear.


Officina 189
189 North St
Boston, MA, 02113


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