Mini-Golf at Coral Gables Museum

Par Scene

Playing Mini-Golf. In a Museum.

None Let’s talk weekend plans.

You’d like to get in a couple of rounds on the Blue Monster.

But you’d like to... not be struck by lightning. Or an airborne palm frond.

Well, hey, we just might know a place...

Take a swing at Mini-Golf at Coral Gables Museum, a historical museum... that just so happens to be attached to nine holes of putt-putt, now open.

Good news. It’s probably going to rain this weekend (hat tip, Chantal). And that’s a great thing. No, really. Because the Coral Gables Museum has its very own indoor (read: air-conditioned) mini-golf course. With a concession stand. Of the full-bar variety.

It’s a pretty solid excuse for a leisurely afternoon with a date. Also: for wearing something plaid/pleated. Just head over to the museum (any day except Monday—they’re closed), pay the entrance fee and approach the front nine (okay, the only nine).

Conspiring against you on the course: the city’s best architects and contractors. Yeah, they’ve designed and built some of the hazards. Bridges. Waterways. A replica of the Alhambra Water Tower. You’ll also find enormous sculptures of gators and pink frogs (left over from Basel) looking to prevent you from shooting par.

Nothing worse than being croc-blocked.


Mini-Golf at Coral Gables Museum
285 Aragon Ave
Coral Gables, FL, 33134

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