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Heart Burn

Unbearably Hot Sauces, Shipped to You

None Picture the spiciest food imaginable.

A habanero-infused chicken wing soaked in Tabasco, rubbed in chili pepper and garnished with a dollop of wasabi.

Great. That’ll make a nice, soothing balm after you try this stuff...

Steel your taste buds for Heartbreaking Dawns, an acclaimed hot saucery that just started spreading its farm-to-bottle fieriness across the Internet, online now.

It began innocently enough: a Hudson Valley chef grew a chili bush and made some fresh jalapeño-pineapple sauce. But the Scoville gods demanded more. Habanero jerk rubs. Peruvian-orange-pepper-laced preserves. Plus, a convenient means of procuring everything electronically. So the chef abided.

Which is great news for your Fourth of July grilling situation. Just click over to the site, pick up a couple bottles (like the charmingly named Cauterizer) and add a few dashes to your homemade salsa. Then, watch as guests comment on its complex layering of flavors while cartoon billows of smoke steam from their ears.

Or, hey, if you’re feeling especially sadistic, get the Mauvais Sang for everyone to try. It’s made with a trifecta of ghost peppers, fatali peppers and Trinidad scorpion peppers—three of the hottest peppers in the world.

Pairs surprisingly well with Triscuits.

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