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Tap Beer and Pop-Tarts on Lower Greenville

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Beer and Pop-Tarts...

We’re game if you are.

Prepare for an afternoon snack at Dallas Beer Kitchen, an aptly titled hangout with an obsessive love of beer and a few crazy ideas about what constitutes bar food, opening Friday on Lower Greenville.

Inside, it’s got that industrial warehouse vibe. Exposed brick walls, wooden tables, steel beams. Oh, and a polished concrete bar top. Behind which they’ve got a bunch of beers. Eighty, to be precise. Thirty on tap and 50 in bottle, to be preciser.

Now, hear us out. We’re thinking you should leave the office a little early this Friday—it’s a radical new concept we’re calling “Summer Fridays” (working title). That’s when you’ll head here, post up at a picnic table and do a little pint drinking. Also, a little rack-of-peppercorn-ribs-and-garlic-parmesan-fries eating.

At this point, you should be in the frame of mind for Pop-Tarts. If not, have one more beer. Make it a Firestone Walker Wookey Jack. Then, get yourself those Pop-Tarts. They’ll be oven roasted and topped with vanilla bean ice cream and Fruity Pebbles.

You knew there’d be Fruity Pebbles.

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